The Seikan Tunnel Memorial

 It is a museum of the Seikan Tunnel in a certain roadside station "Minmaya Tappimisaki" close to Tappizaki. 

 I can go from here to the Seikan Tunnel.

 Roadside station "Minmaya Tappimisaki"

 The reason that came here is this.


 "The Seikan Tunnel Memorial"

 It becomes the museum of the Seikan Tunnel and can get off by cable car here to the Seikan Tunnel.



 I go on "Mogura-Go( mole )" this to the Seikan Tunnel.


 A fixture, mannequins of the gallery.







 The photograph in the gallery is gloomy, and I'm sorry because I moved slightly.

 I came back to the ground.


 I wait until the thick wind gate is closed.


 There is display outdoors.





Tunnel Shrine

 I attack it by "Seikan Tunnel" relations for staying today in Tappizaki. 

 I stop at tunnel Shrine in the Seikan Tunnel Honshu side entrance.

 Despite an entrance of the Honshu side, I enter at Tappizaki underground considerably on this side.

 Tunnel Shrine








 This is a Honshu side entrance


 "A framed picture" is written as "the Seikan tunnel" which there is on an entrance.

 I did not know it, but "Ryutaro Hashimoto" wrote it the "Yasuhiro Nakasone" Hokkaido side the Honshu side each.
 I did a chat until time for horizontal aunty and Shinkansen of the Shinto shrine and knew "the framed picture" in each entrance there.
 I was going to overlook it if not said…. It is small, but the name is written properly aside.
 With two people, it is a person who experienced Prime Minister…. I can read how it was a big national project from this framed picture.

 The Honshu side at the time of the aunty reason penetration is with the thing which the Prime Minister "Yasuhiro Nakasone" Hokkaido side wrote in Secretary of State for Transport "Ryutaro Hashimoto" each.

 However, it was hot on that day…. When an aunty "was abnormal in this summer ," I talked. It is natural, too. There is "only the coffee hot" of the shop. 

 When time for Shinkansen approached, one sightseeing bus came over. I tell that I stand with a driver here and "generally I put it together in time for Shinkansen and, in the case of a tour, seem to stop here".

 In the Seikan Tunnel Memorial, it is a driver and an emergency encounter after this.   have laughed each other.

 The Hokkaido Shinkansen


The aunty of the stand, from "Tokyo to Shin Hakodate Hokuto, is four hours two minutes at the earliest". For only two minutes, I said, this 4-hour wall was a very high wall for the person of this neighborhood.
 According to me who drove leisurely to Aomori for around ten hours, it is super-high-speed…

 I arrive at Hokkaido from Tokyo despite Hakodate in only four hours…. Early….

Hallowed ground Mt. Osorezan

 You must come back to "Asamushionsen" for staying from Oma on the second day.

 Therefore I stop at "Mount Osore" in the middle.

 By a quite good mountain path, driving was great.

 The River Three Ways


 Very scared.


 Hallowed ground Mt. Osorezan


 Visiting hell







 It was erected for the memorial service of the earthquake disaster victim
 Right "bell of the requiem" 
 Left "bell desired"


 "Duskin" goes in such an environment!


 I put it freely. The photograph is for men. There is the woman business in the left depths.


 A smell of the hydrogen sulfide is a strong hot spring. There is a brief bathhouse and puts it if I have one towel.

 Of course I monopolized it.

Tuna of Oma

 On the second day, I eat a tuna in the northernmost Omazaki of Honshu and begin.

  Leave Mutsu-shi first thing in the morning; and to Omazaki.

  Of course I come to Oma and can eat a tuna! I have for breakfast.

  I take a walk a little until a shop opens. 

  About the pole-and-line fishing of the tuna


 Pole-and-line fishing monument of the tuna




 There is a description with "the size of the original of the 400 kg grade".

  400 kg is easily written, but a tuna is heavy.

  "The northernmost ground of Honshu"


 Several cats bought it whether they could get a delicious meal.


 I stare at this during a meal from the outside of the window.

Rokkasyo-mura atomic energy fuel PR center

 PR facilities of Rokkasyo-mura, Aomori with the used nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. 

 The atomic energy which is exposed to a headwind since the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant explosion accident who has got up by East Japan great earthquake disaster. I put the yes and no aside and wanted to come by all means.

 I decided to drop in to stay at Mutsu-shi on the first day.

 Atomic energy had impression that an employee was extremely more polite and was a low profile because of a headwind.

 Because it is PR center, of course I can observe it free.

 A frog is met


 The "alpha" right can do the cover experiment of the "beta" radiation the left.


 Commentary of the reprocessing plant


 Model of a container used for a storage




 It becomes the fixture…


 I understand well that this village "is a village of the energy".